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Our Work

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Main Priority:

Foraging a Deeper Experience

“We are steadfast in our commitment to advancing the VR experience. We envision possibilities that others may overlook. For some, it may be apparent that VR is poised to become the premier medium for experiencing and indulging in simple pleasures. If video killed the radio star, then virtual experiences are going to do the same to our current landscape of immersion, and our company is getting a front row seat in the next incarnation of movie theaters.”


Digital Furniture

“We are researching the most relaxing positions to help you unwind and decompress. We still want to allow you freedom of movement so as not to feel too constricted. Our new direction for furniture seeks to enhance the way you kick back, aiming to create a balance of comfort and productivity in your daily tasks.”



Project Name

“Although it may seem that a project of building sheds and garages is a simple side endeavor, it is in fact a crucial part of our mission to merge the virtual and physical worlds. A garage is the perfect place to block out all other factors and just focus on an area built with the possibility of VR and Ar immersion.”


Project Name

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